What I’ve Learned in My First Week of Blogging

Since my last post, I’ve been thinking about what I want my next post to be about. I felt a bit of pressure considering I had spent several weeks putting together last week’s post. After thinking for several days, I decided that based on where my heart is, I need to compose a reflection post regarding how I’ve been dealing with this new blog and all the things that came with it. Here are a few things I’ve learned in the last week…

Getting caught up in the numbers can be toxic. In the first few days of blogging, I found myself constantly refreshing my social media accounts checking my likes, follows, views, etc. to see how “successful” I was. Eventually, I had studied the numbers so much that I began to forget why I even started blogging in the first place. My #1 reason for doing this was simply because it sounded fun and combined some of my favorite things, photography and writing. However, I realized that the more & more I studied the number, the less & less fun I was having. I began to define my success based off of those numbers and began to feel disappointed despite the fact that I had only been at this for a few days. Once I realized this, I texted a friend who was quick to remind me of the reasons I started doing this in the first place. Her words almost immediately calmed me and caused me to recall my emotions when I first started this journey (even though it was only a week ago lol so dramatic, I know); excited & passionate. Moral of the story: your Instagram followers, likes, views, etc. or lack thereof do not define your success. The only way to not succeed is to not try in the first place.

Blogging is a larger commitment than you think it is. This lesson was one I learned well before I published my first post. I think the first time I recognized the massive effort that goes into blogging is when I was first setting up my blog. I realized that this wasn’t going to be easy when it took me several hours to link my other social media accounts & make them appear in the sidebar (which you should check out after this because it took me 5ever). I had never in my life even thought about messing around with HTML coding but here I was at the kitchen table watching numerous YouTube videos on how to manipulate HTML codes so everything on my blog looked as pretty as I hoped it would. Now I know why some people can actually make a living off of this.

I have the most supportive friends & family in the entire world. This is the warm & fuzzy part of the blog post when everyone cringes but it’s so true. Throughout this process, each and every person has been so supportive of my blog and have expressed their excitement to me which makes me so so so so so so happy. It makes my heart so full knowing how blessed I am with the most amazing, supportive people around me. Thank you for believing in me & encouraging me no matter what. I wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t for you (yes, YOU).

There’s literally no reason for me or anyone else to not to pursue our passion(s). Before I started this blog, I made every excuse as to why I shouldn’t start. I kept putting it off because I was so nervous to try something new. Like SO nervous. However, after months & months of putting it off, I realized that at their roots, every one of my excuses was invalid. Essentially, I was letting the fear of being judged by others prevent me from experiencing the joy I knew blogging would bring me. Doing something a little bit outside of the norm can be scary but those are usually the things that are most worth it. I firmly believe that there’s a lesson in everything and there has without a shadow of a doubt (obviously) been numerous things I have learned about myself and about life in just one week of doing this. True joy can only be achieved when you’re doing something you love. When your joy is derived internally, it will endure even some of the worst times.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this honest chat about the things that blogging has taught me. It’s crazy what you can learn from putting yourself out there. I’m usually so hesitant to put myself out there but I’m so glad I decided to do this. This is your invitation to do whatever it is that you’re too scared to do but have been dying to try for so long. OR your invitation to work even harder at what you love to do if you’re already doing what you love. Start somewhere, learn, grow, succeed, find joy, meet new people, & inspire others to do the same.
-Ashley xx

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