Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!! In the spirit of the holiday, I’d like to share a short message about gratitude.
In today’s world, it’s easy to look at what we have and think it’s not enough. A lot of the media sets out to make us feel like we’re not enough, in every sense of the world. Not rich enough, not popular enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, etc.
I’d like to think we all have the opportunity to do one of two things; continue to live the way we currently live or try to improve ourselves by altering our mindsets to be ones that will cultivate unfailing joy on a daily basis.
We’ve all been aware of the concept of gratitude ever since we were itty bitty babies. Do you remember those turkey’s in elementary school that you used to write what you are grateful for on the feather? You would write things like your family, your friends, your dog, and all of the other big concepts that your little mind could grasp. On Thanksgiving day, year after year, you state how you’re grateful for your family and friends but after Thanksgiving, many of us don’t consciously choose pursue gratitude.
Of course we feel gratitude for our family and friends on a fairly regular basis, but what about the other stuff? How often are we consciously grateful for the small things in life that we probably don’t even think twice about in the moment?
That’s why I began gratitude journaling. At the end of each day, I open my gratitude journal, scribble the word “Gratitude” at the top of a new page followed by the date and write down the things I am grateful for from that day, right down to the simplest of things that made my day slightly better.
The whole concept of gratitude journaling is all about changing your thoughts from thoughts of lack to thoughts of abundance. The fact that you’re able to read this right now is probably because you’re able to pay for internet, afford a laptop or a phone, or even have the simple blessing of having free time to sit down and read this.
When we become aware of these not so obvious things that are actually massive blessings in our life, we are innately inviting more joy and positive energy into our life. We need to more regularly open ourselves up to practicing gratitude if we truly want to experience joy in it’s most pure form.
My challenge for all of you is to write down or simply think about all of the things you’re grateful for. If right now is a good time, do it. If you want to do this every morning or every night, do it. It’s important for us to take a moment or two out of every day to simply be grateful. Here are some things I’m grateful for…
  • Christmas music
  • Ukuleles
  • Potatoes in all forms
  • Fuzzy socks
  • My family & friends
  • My cats
  • This blog
  • Coffee (with lots & lots of creamer)
  • Soup on a cold day
  • Having access to clean water
  • Being able to travel
  • Comfy sweaters
  • Having access to medical care when I need it
  • Books

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