Chicago Photo Diary

Back in October, I spent a weekend away in Chicago to visit my friend, Lydia. If I’m honest, I was expecting a cozy weekend full of chunky knit sweaters and hot coffee but much to my surprise (actually, I wasn’t that surprised) it was hot, humid, and rainy. I’m not aware of Chicago being known for their rain but for some reason every time I visit it literally pours for at least one of the days I’m there. Not the cute, cozy rain but the intense rain that stings as it makes contact with your skin soaks you to the bone. This time was no different. Despite the rain, I always have the nicest time in Chicago and can say the same about that trip. We spent the weekend romping around the city playing photographers for the weekend. The result of that are the photos you’re about to scroll through. Enjoy 🙂

Camera used: Canon EOS 60D
Lens used: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM (suuuuper affordable for a decent camera lens)

Some of my favorite things from that weekend:

Crepes from the Nutella Café


Brunch on Sunday morning


The couple who bought 2 too many tickets to the Art Institute and kindly gave their extra tickets to Lydia and I


Trudging through the pouring rain and getting soaked. It was so tragic that we had to laugh.


Getting aaaall of the good shots with my camera



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