6 Ways To Be More Productive This Summer

Oh, Summer. Cue the sun, heat, fresh fruit, and unfortunately, lack of productivity (at least for me). I’ve always loved summer, but find it all too easy to get into a lazy routine of sleeping in, watching TV, eating snacks, and being overall unproductive. Summer is a time to relax, but it can be difficult to strike a balance between relaxation and productivity. I hear you. Here are a few things that I think will help you find that healthy balance.


Wake Up At The Same Time Each Morning
I’ve heard so many times how good it is for your body to wake up at the same time each morning. This is due to the fact that our circadian rhythm, our body’s ‘clock’, functions best when we have a regular sleeping schedule. When your circadian rhythm is functioning at its best, almost every area of your day-to-day life will be enhanced.
Don’t Sleep In Too Late
This also has a lot to do with your circadian rhythm, but also has to do with your overall mood. I find that when I wake up late, it’s SO easy to waste time. When you sleep in until noon, half of your day is already over. By the time you fully wake up, get something to eat, and officially start your day, it’s basically 2pm. Waking up a little earlier gives you more time to have a relaxing morning while also having time to be productive in the afternoon and early evening.
Create A To-Do List
Sometimes all you need is a good old fashioned to-do list. Seeing the tasks written out on paper can help your brain feel more organized. It makes it easier to figure out which things need to be done first, second, third, etc. Actually seeing tasks can be such an immense anxiety reducer. Also, who doesn’t love the physical act of checking off what you’ve done?
Eat Healthier
Eating better is as much mentally healing as it is physically. Few things can compare to fresh fruits and veggies in the summer. The foods we eat very much so affect our moods, so it’s important that we’re giving our bodies what they need and deserve to function best. When we eat healthy foods, we perform better simply because our bodies are being nourished properly.
Get Moving
I know I sound like your mom but exercise is so important!! Very few people actually enjoy working out, but the feeling after you’re done is SO worth it. The endorphins your brain releases when you work out will improve your mood, which will ultimately make you want to be more productive.
Get Dressed
This sounds so obvious, but trust me on this one. You know those days when you stay in your pajamas all day and literally feel like the laziest person on the planet? Me too. Of course pajamas are comfortable to work in, but that’s the problem. The physical act of getting dressed can change your mindset from a lazy, at home day to a work day, allowing you to be in a more productive mindset as well. You can still be comfy and wear leggings, but being in your PJs all day won’t have you feeling ready to get work done.
Go Outside
I always forget how much it changes my mood to be outside until I actually go out. Being outside for just 15 minutes can be such a mood booster. (Fun fact: I’m actually sitting outside on my porch writing this post). Having a change of scenery is always exciting, not to mention the calming sounds of nature as your background noise.


-Ashley xx

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