Must-Have Products For Summer (All Natural Products)

Summer is finally here (well, almost)!! Winter (and sometimes even Spring) here in Michigan can be brutal, so I’m ready for the happier moods that the sunshine brings. Since last summer, I’ve been getting into natural living products. Yes, I’ve hopped on the bandwagon of healthy, clean, natural living. Cue the eye rolls from people who think this stuff is lame and/or doesn’t actually work. There’s a common misconception that products with natural ingredients don’t work, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Plants are natural healers, and have been used as a form of medicine since the conception of mankind. After using these for months, I swear by all of these products and would recommend that anyone gives them a try.

The world of natural living can be quite overwhelming, so I hope this post helps you in your search of which products you should purchase this summer. Are you interested in natural living already or are you just now dipping your toes into it? Let me know in the comments!


I’m just gonna be real with you guys and tell you that I’ve tried every natural deodorant under the sun and this is the only one that I’ve re-purchased after finishing a stick. I’m also VERY sensitive to many natural deodorants. Sometimes the baking soda in them can cause a rash (lol I KNOW, it’s gross, sorry). BUT I’ve never had an issue with Native. I like to use the unscented just because my skin is so sensitive, but they have plenty of options for scents for both men and women.


Young Living Lemon Essential Oil – $15 retail, $12 wholesale

If you haven’t hopped on the essential oil train, you’re missing out. Essential oils can be used for literally anything. Yes, you can even consume some oils. (Before I continue, know that not all oils are created equal. Some essential oils are NOT meant to be consumed. Make sure you’re buying 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils before using them on your skin or ingesting them). One of my favorite things for the last few months has been adding lemon oil to my water. I add about 3-4 drops into a GLASS water bottle (it needs to be glass otherwise the chemicals from the plastic will leach into the water). It adds such a nice summer-y, refreshing flavor to your otherwise plain water. You can also add tons of other oils to your water such as mint or other citrus oils, but lemon is my favorite! If you want to know more about Young Living Products and/or are interested in purchasing them at a cheaper, wholesale price!!


Since I’m super pale, sunscreen is a must. I’m all about protecting my skin in the summer. Though I’m not always successful, I try not to burn, and I don’t ever tan on purpose. I’ve learned to embrace my pastiness, but that’s beside the point. ANYWAY, something I didn’t really learn until last summer is that sunscreen is actually loaded with cancer causing chemicals. So you’re protecting yourself from cancer, but also absorbing cancer causing chemicals through the largest organ in your body (your skin), what the heck?? The good news is that there’s plentyyy of amazing, natural sunscreens that don’t contain those harmful chemicals. I took this one on my last trip and it worked phenomenally. Also, fun fact: the bottle turns blue when it’s exposed to UV rays so it’s sort of fun if you’re a kid at heart.


Young Living LavaDerm Cooling Mist – $19 retail, $14 wholesale

If you end up getting sunburned, apply the LavaDerm cooling mist to your skin. Lavender is known to have healing properties, so this fine mist will help treat any sunburn effectively. It has the same effect as aloe, but you can use it all over your body as a light moisturizer or as a skin rejuvenator. Lavender is known to have healing properties, so it just happens to work amazing on sunburns as well.


Young Living Satin Facial Scrub (Mint) – $22 retail, $17 wholesale

I’ve been using this as a scrub on my face exclusively for about a year. I try to use it about 1-3 times a week, or as needed. It’s gentle enough to not scratch your skin like some scrubs do, but strong enough to get rid of the dead skin and clear out those clogged pores. Plus, the minty scent leaves your skin feeling super fresh and clean for summer (or all year round).

-Ashley xx


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