Christmas Gift Guide (Small Businesses)

It’s November aka Christmas is upon us. If you’re anything like me, you start stressing in July what you’re gonna buy people for the holidays. I know that’s not the point of Christmas, but I can’t help it. For me, gift giving is an art that I have yet to perfect. I’m obsessed with the idea of getting the other person something that not only fits their personality but fits my budget. This Christmas, I’m making an effort to buy more of my gifts from small businesses. I’ve found that supporting small businesses not only feels good, but means that I’ll find gifts that are unique. After hours of scouring Etsy, here are 10 cute gift ideas from small businesses that won’t break the bank. 

Positive Thinking 2019 Calendar – $23.89

Coffee Sweatshirt – $42


Amethyst Crystal Candle – $15


Set of 3 Botanical Prints (Printable Download) – $7

Grey & Cream Pompom Beanie – $32


Let’s Just Have Fun, Ok? Mug – $16

bath bomb.jpg

Organic Bath Bomb Gift Set – $29.99


Zodiac Constellation Necklace – $27+

Fabric Cover Notebook – $8+

lip balm

DIY Lip Balm Kit – $24.13+

-Ashley xx

ps…I do not own the rights to any of these photos. They are all the beautiful work of the various shop owners listed above 🙂

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